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  • Sandy Chipmunk

    Whenever you ask Sandy himself
    How he came by his name,
    Being busy gathering nuts
    He doesn't stop to explain.

    Perhaps he doesn't know himself, -
    Says Jimmy Rabbit one day,
    I think it's because he has
    So bushy yellowish tail.

    I don't agree, - Billy Woodchuck says,
    His tail is reddish and speckled,
    I would say it's just because
    His face is brightly freckled.

    Don't you see, - Frisky Squirrel says,
    His voice containing some air,
    Boys, you both are wrong,
    It's just because of his hair!

    Whether or not it is right or wrong
    Sandy doesn't explain,
    He scampers away without saying
    How he came by his name.

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    Sandy Chipmunk, Jimmy Rabbit, Billy Woodchuck and Frisky Squirrel are the heros of Arthur Scott Bailey's works for children.