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Double Sided poem (a poem from my new book Double Sided)

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  • Double Sided poem (a poem from my new book Double Sided)

    Double Sided by Ada Elizabeth Pridgen
    This all begins with the cradle, and ends with the coffin.
    There are two worlds; where people stay so often.

    Winnie’s face scares Jake; remembering that awful memory of his lover.
    His wife, Madison died when Winnie was born; it was a trade of life between daughter and mother.

    She cries at night, thinking about her daddy,
    Mistaking that he hates her so badly.
    While her brother, Hunter, thinks that she’s so bratty.

    Sometimes life is so double sided,
    And sometimes your family can be so divided.

    But you have to try and make things better.

    She was gone, just like her mom after that night.
    Now Jake can’t make things right.

    His brother, Paul, followed, missing after his niece died.
    Days later, people sat in a church during the funeral, with no pride inside

    Jake couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the two that meant the most return.
    Now he had one lesson to learn…

    Life can be double sided,
    Just don’t be misguided;

    Because there are always ups and downs.
    And remember life can be smiles and frowns.