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    Where are your dreams
    Where do they hide
    Are they somewhere far away
    Or with you here abide

    My dreams are not here
    And neither am I
    As my heart and my soul
    My dreams are the sky

    The body is present
    As words fade away
    Soul slipping through
    Not easy to stay

    In this world full of hate
    And gnashing of teeth
    If our words are our fate
    May they stay in their sheath

    In silence is spoken
    Speech bigger than words
    This hate spell is broken
    Love sings as the birds

    With closed eyes I listen
    And begin to absorb
    To become what I came as
    Through life's open door

    A pure loving being
    A soul at its best
    The heart of a babe
    Lay all hate to rest

    Sun shines out
    Breeze blows through
    I return to myself
    Sacred, humble, and true

    I ask of the wind, of sun and of birds
    Move through me shine on me illumine my words

    So that no hate escapes, only love given
    That the world may keep healing
    To love all words driven

    I believe in my heart all my soul I believe
    I stay as I came till it's my time to leave

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    Beautiful! Thank you!


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      Thank you as well Bobby for your kind thoughts


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        Very nice