Bouncing Betty
In an United States revolution of heed,
There was a forewarning of the redcoats’ greed
An American mare indeed, also half of an American steed
Canst outrun her regardless of sweat or amount to bleed
‘Twas ‘round mid of night as the tyrants tried to meed!

And on that historic write were instructions given right
The lo of turret light, will signal an upcoming fight
Then Paul is to take to ground leveled horseback flight
All redcoated British shall know of patriotic Farmers’ might
Injustfully they came stirring the dead of night!

The Sons of Liberty strong-minded an unbreakable grid pattern
To warn the Militia Officer thereby a lanterns’ flicker and burn
See one if by land and see two if by sea, muster our concern
04/18/1775 Just Revere rowed past a warship afloat silent waters’ churn
He awaited onguard near a boulevard to keep stern and to learn!

Suddenly across the bay, watchtower glow shone as if ‘twas a sunbeam of day
Sequentially another lamp was set aglow to be seen keen from far away
Paul Revere in belay let looped lanyards go tied to his boat of row n’ sway
Thereto Larkins’ stables to hop upon a prized horse of fables unto the fray
Township windvanes swung into the direction of horsepower, perplextion astray
He knows exactly what to say to the up ahead Militia forces of lay!

Colonialists sent Mr. Revere the Midnight Rider to raise alarms
He whom bears a musket, a sword, and a Lion coat-of-arms
Through low setting clouds of fogs, over rivers, and bridged logs to rally farms
Red, white, n’ blue cloths among a Pilgrim hat alongside reins and horse charms!

He’s a courageous counterpart of General George Washington on spurs
Went to alert the Continentals and to divert all British Irregulars
To whom dwelleth in each village, God bless the American Regulars
Starting at Charlestowns’ shoreline, riding along for Washington he lectures:
“The Irregulars are close about!”, “The Irregulars are close about!”, to Ma’ams n’ Sirs
Onto Medford, Arlington, Lexington, then alas Concord yet trouble astirs
William Dawes and Samuel Prescott are two of three brave vouchers!

A spark of a chain reaction at dark commences as their horses glide
Some British on maljurisdictional patrol swarmed toward them outside
Prescott as well as Dawes both escaped capture statewide
Ransomed as prisoner, released as survivor, Revere rendezvoused with Hancock to subside
For the American colonies a turning of providential tide
Hereto our American Story a renamed horse by accounted stride
Saddled on Bouncing Betty was Paul Reveres’ midnight ride!

By, Great American Poet Jason Robert Van Pelt