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  • Humble poetry prize entry

    Here's a little something I wrote. I hope you enjoy it .

    A dream, the dream, my dream

    It was a night like I’d never seen before,
    much like the ones in ancient folklores:
    those always speak of candid moons up high
    and myriads of golden stars around it in the sky.
    But this night, I saw many, many more.

    As my eyes were dazed by the little lights,
    I felt a warm hand slowly climb up my side.
    It caught me off guard, yet I did not feign
    for its presence was soothing and arcane
    a feeling whose impact one want not stride.

    The hand settled on my waist, and I on it:
    a match made in heaven, a perfect fit.
    The other hand adjoined my empty waist
    and his head was now on my shoulder placed
    where I hope it may for all time sit.

    His warm exhales flowed down over me,
    matching the moment perfectly.
    Slowly, through his grip, I turned around,
    and it stunned me what I then found:
    him a part of the countless celestial bodies.

    My hand went to his zealous heart, pounding on,
    and on and on, as if it never will be gone.
    As my hand lay there on his strong chest,
    looking up I was truly blessed:
    looking up into both his beautiful suns.

    I stared for days and weeks and years on end,
    though in reality a few seconds were spent.
    Time seemingly had stopped in my mind by then,
    though I wish I could relive this again and again:
    be lost in this moment of time's endless sands.

    Our mouths got closer as time went by,
    and then when his beautiful mouth was o so nigh,
    I could feel his love radiating out of him,
    and then all the fiery love and passion within
    as his soft lips met and held mine.

    That moment, that loving, that feeling of the kiss,
    can be described no else than a true and magnificent bliss.
    Your hands on the other, your raging fires intertwining
    and having your inner stars so bright and candid shining
    are what true love is.

    When sadly in the end eternity had gone by,
    our flames were low, try keep them up we migh'.
    The kiss past fury had now all but waned.
    But even in that weaker kiss so vehemently remained
    our love that will defy all of space and all of time.

    My eyes were still closed, too engrossed in the past:
    too much desire for sleep had they amassed.
    Sleep in his strong, warm and comfy hold,
    snuggling my head in his shoulder's mould,
    having found where I'd belong at last.

    Though I wanted see him again, look in his brilliant eyes,
    of which no amount of exposure can ever truly suffice,
    and see the feelings we cherish, have his presence I desire,
    feel our mutual, true love's passionate, infinite endless fire.
    But when I opened my eyes, I saw my cellphone's charging light.

    Where were the stars and moon and heavens I saw before
    was now just the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars, shining galore.
    It was laughing at me, knowing I'd never find what I dreamt of having
    so deviously loud and shrill it seemed like repeated stabbing,
    making fun of me and destroying me down to my very miserable core.

    Silently I began to cry, and the tears rolled slowly over my face,
    reminding me that, sadly, everything, everyone, must obey the laws of space.
    And they dictate that never can perfection be a reality:
    that never anything can exist infallibly;
    taunting me with the fact that I'll be lonely and alone till the end of days.

    But in my heart, a little candle flame defies going away.
    To me it is hope, and it is here forever to stay,
    Hope that one day I will find him and we will share our fires,
    our love, our presences, our smiles, our lives and our desires.
    Yes, I will sleep and live solely in aspiration of that day.