I was brought into this world
but what's the purpose? or the reason?
a question that stays the same
as times change with the season
what will be the fate of this male from the 716?
will I be great like some or average like many?
will people ever discuss me
like the man on the penny?
life is unpredictable
and some lives don't last
so why wasn't I selected to be
another buried under grass
lives are so different
from beginning to the end
was your life fulfilled
when you have to ascend
did you make mistakes
or have any regret
did you accomplish all the goals
that you had set
do you cherish each day when go out and take a step
do you do something you hate and wish it could stop
when you get paid is it worth what you got
do what you love and love what you do
if it doesn't bring you joy
why is worth you going through