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My Dad's Golf Cart

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  • My Dad's Golf Cart

    I still remember the wind through my hair
    The sound of that beat up motor humming
    Feeling the give of that old metal petal
    Holding on tight to the grooved wheel
    The road moving lazily as we drove
    With no particular destination

    You’d be squished next to me
    Not quite fitting on that old cracked seat
    Your arm extended across the back
    Your bad knee always pressing against mine
    Chatting about life and love and loss
    With no particular point or meaning

    The sun would always be shining
    There were so many cloudless blue skies
    And we had all the time in the world
    To get wherever we were going
    It didn’t matter how long we drove
    With no particular destination

    It seems like centuries since I’ve seen you
    Piling onto that three wheeled cart
    I miss you explaining everything to me
    The way you always did
    About life and love and loss
    If only I could talk to you now that I know
    It never has any particular point or meaning

    Brittany Zimmer
    Menomonie, WI
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