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Threw My Wifes Eyes(A selfish Husband)

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  • Threw My Wifes Eyes(A selfish Husband)

    You feel down so why get help?
    Your children look up to you
    Today all they do is shout.
    Your girls will date guys one day,
    Just like you their husbands will stray.
    They see all your habits
    Please won't you get a clue
    Your words mean nothing
    But your actions sure do.
    So drink and drive stay out all night
    They will struggle with Love
    But will know how to fight.
    Be a Man take a stand
    Step up to the plate.
    If not it will be your wife
    That they will grow up to hate.
    For you are the roots
    to your daughters tree.
    I ask of you now
    What kind of man will you be.

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      Wow! I love it! And for you to step into your wife's views is amazingly impressive.


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        Yes I put her through hell probably, and I'm thankful. Without her there would be no me. Thanks for reading and reviewing getting ready to post some more here shortly. Did not get to work today it snowed in Virginia Beach. Where In Texas? My younger sister lives in Austin.