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    Her World

    She stands at the basin
    Hands dripping red
    Words run through her mind
    All the things that they said

    She wants to disappear
    No more tears, no more pain
    No more cruel words
    That are driving her insane

    Why should she live
    When they all want her gone?
    Why should she survive
    When she is only a pawn?

    She is toyed with and played
    Her world taken apart
    Ripped into shreds
    Like knives in her heart

    It’s her world and her heart
    Her soul and her mind
    So why does she conform?
    Why is she blind?

    In a world that controls us
    And makes us feel small
    If we don’t abide by the rules
    We’re nothing at all

    But who makes these rules?
    By whose hand are we played?
    Who decides what’s normal or not?
    Who decided what rules are made?

    Why do we listen
    To all that they say?
    Why do we pretend
    That everything is okay?

    They can all see the scars
    But they doesn’t mean that they care
    They ignore her in the hall
    As if she wasn’t even there

    It was bound to happen
    Like a movie on replay
    A young girl takes her life
    That’s not really news today

    She can see the way it happens
    The way things pan out
    She can see her family crying
    Scream and shout

    She thinks back to the start
    When everything was all right
    When she smiled all the time
    Despite money being tight

    The water runs below
    Blood staining the sink
    She stops where she is
    And begins to really think

    If nothing ever changes
    Despite the loss of life
    Should she still go
    And escape all her strife?

    Would it worth all the pain
    All the hurt she’d inflict
    Just to save her own suffering
    Like a death road convict

    It wouldn’t do any good
    They’d just find someone else
    To bully and defeat
    To make feel like a mouse

    She puts down the razor
    The means of her escape
    It’s not her that needs to be fixed
    That needs to be re-shaped

    It’s the rules that surround us
    The unspoken laws
    The things that tie us down
    The lock all our doors

    She takes a towel by her side
    And cleans us her pain
    The red is soaked up
    Never to be seen again

    What was she thinking?
    How foolish can she be?
    She cant leave just yet
    Why cant she see?

    She is the only one
    Who can fix her world
    All the power was inside her
    Just a weak little girl

    She leaves the bath room
    With hope growing inside
    She will fix this world
    That's what she will decied

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    That is quite a deep and powerful message you have achieved. I applaud your bravery in posting this because it could have gone in a totally different direction. If this is personal, I will say stay strong. You're not a victim but a veteran. The scars are battle scars. One day it will end. If this is about a friend or loved one, pass the message along. May God bless.