Curiosity Killed the Cat

You've got me stumped
'm frozen in time
My heart and my soul
Everything that is mine

I never expected this of you
Not a million years
I never expected myself to cry
To even shed a tear

I'm shaking and screaming
And falling on the floor
I'm a confused mes
I don't want this anymore

Why was I so curious?
Why didn't I just go?
Why didn't I get up and leave?
Why didn't I say no?

Everyone says
"Curiosity killed the cat"
I never thought it was true
Now I understand that

How could I have been so stupid?
So idiotic and so dumb?
Is it because I'm inexperienced?
Is it because I'm young?

What do I do now?
Do I just pretend
That nothing ever happened
And that we are just friends?

I'm meant to be strong
I'm not meant to break
I have to have a clear head
For my sisters sake

But my sanity is fading
And my head is a mess
I am a little hurt
I must confess

I know I'm over reacting
I know I'm being a girl
But I can't help it right now
My worlds a swirl

Colours blur past
And noise is just a sound
And try as I might
I just don't wanna stick around

I wanna be alone
To sort out this crap
I want my head to think straight
No emotional sap

I wanna be who I was
I want her to come back
She'd slap me right now
She'd be the strength that I lack

She'd hold me tight
And make me feel safe
She'd battle my demons
And be my hiding place

But where is she now
In my place of need?
When I feel so small
Like a tiny glass bead?

I know the answer to that
Even though I don't want to say
But I will have to face this face
And today is that day

Even our heroes get hurt
And have their world broken down
Even Gods have times
When they need someone around

She's still here with me
On the inside screaming
She's feeling my emotions
On the inside we're bleeding

She crying along side me
Knowing it's just a phase
And soon I'll be here again
Like the old days

I can hear her talking to me
Telling me to be calm
That he isn't worth the time
There's no need to raise alarm

I don't need to cry anymore
Once was enough
And as confused as I may be
I know that I'm tough

I know it's just a bump
So don't be concerned
There's nothing I can't do
My lesson is learnt

Even though my hands shake
My head is clear
I know that I'll be well again
So let the boys leer

Let the people judge
And let the people stare
Because I'm back baby
And I honestly don't care