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  • Meaning of Life

    Life is a harsh thing,
    Really hard to understand the meaning,
    What if it's all just a movie or a screening,
    What if you're controlled and you don't have no real hold on the truth,
    Can't grasp all the concepts,
    You're just as lost as the youth,
    Everything that you do is monitored,
    Your lifes probably on permanent record,
    You either just accept it and take it for what it's worth,
    Or you question the truth behind it all,
    How'd we get on this earth,
    How do we know the ones in charge aren't,
    by and large the main cause of friction,
    on this earth,
    they fuel the drug addicts addiction,
    in the hope that they'll make money off of them,
    they treat us like we're fake or fiction,
    Don't really care about how we feel,
    if someone finds out something they'll probably get a mysterious conviction,
    My prediction is the average person's knowledge is at a major constriction,
    They can't understand the meaning behind life,
    why are we here if we all just die,
    You cease to breathe,
    Get put in your grave,
    Have a sheath cover your face,
    You're gonna die,
    When you look back do you wanna say you lived life like a slave,
    Did everything the correct way and always behaved
    Never questioned anything and just believed the media,
    Used news outlets as your encyclopedia,
    The whole time they were planting a seed in ya,
    They were trying to extort you for there own crooked reasoning,
    They knew darn well the day you'd be leaving,
    They had it planned out the day you'd stop breathing,
    That flag above your head,
    Doesn't mean your free,
    It means if you try to change the government you'll be dead,
    Everyone who didn't immediately agree with the stars is now an absentee,
    Instead of accepting it search inside your head,
    I don't want to tell you what's wrong and what's right,
    I just want to be a major impact on the fight,
    Live your life,
    Don't ever stray,
    Try to stay away,
    From the false,
    Realize it's not your fault,
    Do what you feel you must,
    Bust your head out from the crust,
    step over the bar that has been placed,
    Go until you're face to face with fate,
    Don't hault or wait,
    Keep pushing until you achieve your plan,
    You've heard the U.S. governments demands firsthand,
    Question it all,
    There's so much truth hidden,
    Just think about it,
    How much of it do you really understand
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