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  • Do Not Open

    Lidded with a cloak of ignorance,
    With corners of sharp confusion,
    This box can harm many
    And can breach doors of communication.
    Clouding minds and concealing truths,
    This box has walls of misconception
    That contains a vast emptiness,
    Overflowing with delusion.

    Once opened the contents will take minds by surprise.
    Bringing out what may dim the light of intelligence.
    Released by Pandora this can befall anyone.
    For every man has been a victim,
    At least once in his life.

    This seemingly blameless cuboid shape
    Can destroy kingdoms and nations.
    Turn a mother away from her own child,
    Find fault in the innocent,
    And can cause hundreds
    To die.
    For this is the box of misunderstanding.

    And if the box is explored once more
    You’ll find a remedy to this ailment,
    A light fluttering about.
    A light that opens the eyes
    And causes minds to change.
    Bringing peace about the lands
    And clearing fields of ignorance.
    This is the light of understanding.

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    Oh, my tags uploaded. It wasn't showing at first...


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      Didn't I see this movie, the Nazis paid the price.