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  • Freedom


    A guardian of the protest march for those against the war,
    protector of your right to speak of things they may abhor.

    The freedom that is free to us was paid for with their blood,
    they fought on burning desert sand or in the rain and mud.

    Age was not a factor, their color or their gender,
    they joined the ranks with hero’s past, America’s defender.

    They never wanted blood shed and surely not to die,
    some knew it was the thing to do, and others wondered why?

    Some gave their limbs; some gave their lives, some will never heal,
    the nightmares they will live with, to us would be unreal.

    Their cries of pain, (some never heard) as life was cut too short,
    and all they asked from us were prayers, along with our support.

    They gave their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers too,
    some felt the hand of death on them, some never had a clue.

    So when you speak of freedom keep these pictures in your mind,
    and pray that God forgives us, for the way we treat mankind.

    Don Balsley
    Rapid City, SD 57702

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    As a former Marine, I particularly loved this...


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      As a former Paratrooper to a former Marine, thanks for taking the time to read "Freedom" and commenting on it...


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        Arlington, A hallowed place, where stone upon stone
        lay valiant men who gave heart, breath and bone.

        Too many people fail to understand how many people have died so that they may sit in a warm, safe house.... and complain.


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          So true,so true....thanks for reading and your comment. Don