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  • For my Lover

    And when the sun rose
    I loved you
    When the day surrendered
    to the burning sunset
    and the moon
    took her place
    I loved you yet

    The autumn leaves
    fell to the ground
    where layers of snow
    are melting now
    waiting for fragrant
    spring blooms
    to break through

    Even then, still
    I loved you

    When all the words
    fill my mouth
    and my heart
    finds a way
    to let them out
    they will say

    I love you

    and when no words
    can be found
    the silence echoes
    within these walls
    you will still hear
    a resound

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you

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    So, are you married?

    Take it as the compliment that it was intended. Basic Training was bad enough, I wouldn't have wanted to go through boot camp.