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The Unexpected Gift

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  • The Unexpected Gift

    This poem was written in August, 2005 about a friend from my (then) church who repeatedly told me that God wanted her to help me through a situation but I was hesitant because I didn't see her as someone who could help. I was very wrong. The "gift" I mention in the poem is her. I was afraid to "unwrap" her until God showed me she was the "sister" I was praying for....

    The Unexpected Gift
    By: Christine Feldman

    My birthday was months away so a gift was a curious surprise.
    Little did I know this gift was meant for the opening of my eyes.
    I hesitated to look inside for fear of what I might find
    Yet something in my spirit shouted, “Relax and free your mind.”
    Could this be a gift from God above,a treasure more precious than
    gold? An angel of mercy in plain wrap yet a beacon of light to behold.
    Did God really hear what I couldn’t say through the cries of sorrow and despair?
    That what I really need is a friend,someone who will always be there.
    Still, I found reasons not to open the gift because so many before it were like Pandora’s box; a constant source of troubles and pain, my promised jewels were mere rocks.
    Weeks went by and still the gift was sitting there, waiting for me to apply my faith but it seemed I had none to spare.
    Then suddenly I heard the voices of angels assuring me I need not fear. “This gift comes to you from God with love, these words you need to hear.”
    “God saw your struggle and did His part by writing your name on a dear sister’s heart. He promised to keep you safe and at peace, now it’s your turn your faith you must release.”
    A calmness of spirit came and overtook me I knew in an instant I was being set free.
    With my burden lifted I knew exactly what I should do, except this blessing from God and to His will be true.
    I opened the gift and out did appear the angel I had prayed for and thought of so dear.
    I had spent too much time convincing myself that receiving this gift was wrong,but God had my best interests at heart all along.
    What I thought would be harmful ended up bringing me great joy,
    I am forever grateful to God my Father and the angels He employed!

    written: August 2005