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A Caveat on Groupthink

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  • A Caveat on Groupthink

    A Caveat on Groupthink
    It coughs in, the great Gravy Train
    silver dull boat’s whole hull lurched full
    The Machine cranking to life again,
    hauling more bricks to The Wall:
    in the classroom it begins,
    stoic boxes we have to think in.
    A mixture is made of mashed odds and ends:
    nifty thoughts sifted through ought nots are caught,
    yanked, blended into thick gravy brick paste.
    Maybe it’s time for a revolution,
    one to end this lie biased baste,
    reactions, stereotypes programmed;
    everybody needs to wake up.
    Undoing divided society,
    no longer accepting this throwup,
    down to every individual
    everybody needs to be their own,
    rebuking forceful doctrine of others,
    so let us function as if alone,
    the irony: education blinds us,
    age forces us to conform;
    now, though, we have read the writing on the wall
    damned to be viewed as the norm:
    its time for every single person
    no longer to care what other say,
    going proudly, us all perfect individuals!

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    Please pay close attention to the first letter of each line! Thanks, hope you enjoyed it!