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  • Unfair


    Passed over for promotion
    Though deserving the position
    “It’s just not fair!” I told myself
    And anyone who’d listen

    The beggar on the corner
    Who caused a traffic jam
    I thought “You bum, go get a job!”
    I knew it was a scam

    A mother with five ragged kids
    All blocked the grocery aisle
    She should’ve left the lot at home
    I frowned back at her smile

    That lady in the wheelchair
    Making everybody wait
    I’ve got somewhere I need to be
    And I’m already late

    I could never understand
    Why this world seemed to be
    One giant inconvenience
    Created just for me

    Soft-hearted and soft-headed
    Some think life is a song
    They told me “Count your blessings!”
    I said “That won’t take long!”

    Always one thing, then another
    Always one more bill to pay
    Always harder than it should be
    Always someone in my way


    It really is quite humbling
    When you learn you’ve been a fool
    Now the nurses change my diaper
    And my children wipe my drool

    Hard-headed and hard-hearted
    ‘Till a slap from God’s own Hand
    Life IS unfair . . . but not to me
    This at last I understand