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What Makes A Man A Man(Fathers and Dads its time we stand up and be men)

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  • What Makes A Man A Man(Fathers and Dads its time we stand up and be men)

    By John Masaitis

    What Makes A Man A Man?

    If our forefathers could see
    our great country today,
    the tears in their eyes
    they forgot how to pray.
    Our country is living
    in its darkest day.
    The destruction
    of the home
    and the family
    is now underway.

    Open your eyes men,
    what have we done?
    Our children so violent,
    their crime so young!
    Who gave them the bullets?
    Who gave them the gun?
    The family the home,
    is now on the run.

    So where is your heart?
    Where do you stand?
    In the thick of SATAN'S
    most evil plan!
    I ask you now,
    What Makes A Man
    A Man?
    As a nation we are now known
    as a fatherless land!

    Fathers don't run away
    stand up and fight!
    Over half our children
    go to bed each night,
    without you there dad
    to tell them sleep tight,
    or to blow them a kiss,
    or to turn out there light,
    Do you even have a clue?
    This just isn't right!
    My future without you
    is not to bright.

    I am more likely
    to commit suicide,
    your guilt to the grave
    you wished you had died!
    Your heart blown to pieces
    like a nuclear bomb.
    Yes, your little girl
    will have sex and
    be a teen mom!
    As for all the inmates
    locked up in prison
    85% said their
    Dad was missing!
    And I'm more likely
    to run away from home.
    Where were you Dad?
    When I was all alone?
    Yes, I'm more likely
    to abuse alcohol and drugs!
    Where were you Dad?
    When I needed a hug?

    My ANGER is burning
    down deep inside!
    The murder the rage
    I'm like Jeckyl and Hyde!
    and never did once
    a tear fall from your eye.
    Your heart is so cold
    you forgotten how to cry.
    Because of your sins
    your children will die!

    For family and home
    you made a thing of the past!
    Our generation so sinful
    we will not last!
    We were once a great nation
    where A Father Was A Man
    The Home Was His Place.
    For Your Demise Your Extinction