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(Ex)Lovers for the Rest of Time

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  • (Ex)Lovers for the Rest of Time

    Note: this comes from a kind of concrete poetry I've been playing with. I ask myself, why does the title need to be at the top? So the title appears in the middle to provide multiple points of view. The poem starts and is contained to the quotes. Thank you, hope you enjoy it!

    Riding on a Railroad with Mud Slide Slim, every bump metering this lost poem,
    sad, tired, and lonesome hymn,
    that reminds me of a friend.
    The light of screen, shadows only comp’ny,
    in this cold, dark and empty room,
    my ring without your key,
    end with minor blend.
    (Ex)Lovers for the Rest of Time
    Rolling back and forth under tight blankets,
    ensnared by needless sheets,
    suffocatingly anxious
    thoughts of you.
    They say you’ll die if you don’t sleep,
    it really, though, is worse than that,
    me, I just stay awake thinking,
    everything we were to do.