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  • The Tumor

    Pain and loss never strike me at the moment of their conception
    I rarely realize reality till months after most have forgotten
    Thinking our death made me happy, was a fleeting self-deception
    The year has changed, the season new, and I’m still digging up our coffin

    They say that releasing the past becomes easier with the future
    Turning the page after our sad ending seemed simple at the start
    But the pain of departure thrives upon time, it’s a mocking, growing tumor
    If once careless I can now attest, that what we had won’t let go of my heart

    If it weren’t for my pride I could ask and discover whether you feel the same
    It appears that the girl you once claimed to love, is merely a memory now
    It’s only because I’m too proud to ask if I’m still the person you blame
    Now that I know again what life is without you, I’m willing to avow…

    If to be rid of you and us I ever seemed happy, now you know all of it was fake
    Refusing to fight for my perfect match will remain my life’s greatest mistake