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Understanding Our Courage.

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  • Understanding Our Courage.

    February 8th, 2014 was
    the day I met the one for me.

    I was so nervous,
    but on the surface I was
    playing it cool trying not
    to look like a fool.
    Running back and forth
    to the bathroom mirror,
    I couldn't believe I'd actually
    get to see her.

    February 8th, 2014 was
    the day I met the one for me.

    My heart was pounding,
    my pulse a racing,
    As I found my self thinking
    of the moments we'd be
    At the moment I walked in
    and saw him standing there,
    all I wanted to do was sit and
    All at once the feelings hit me,
    he automatically held the key.

    When I turned and saw her,
    She took my breath away.
    Made me want to sit and stay.
    I could feel my heart skip a beat
    I was so glad we got to meet.

    I walked over with a smile
    on my face,
    hiding the nervousness
    underneath the grace.
    I was so worried of messing
    it up,
    Tied down to one discouraging thought.

    With the first look,
    We both understood.
    He was nervous,
    She was nervous,
    And they both knew.

    It only took a little courage,
    The next thing you knew
    we were thinking about marriage.

    Every now and thing we
    get that one little feeling of nervousness,
    But we both know it only
    takes a little courage.