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The lessons of trees

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  • The lessons of trees

    A river’s stream is flowing on, forever in my mind
    The fruits of the tree of wisdom, Who’s flavours are all kinds.
    Inside these fruits of knowledge
    Are treasures naught foretold
    And the skin is but a shadow
    Of the glory they will hold.
    But how to find the fruits of gold
    Is only known to those of old
    Today in whispers bought and sold
    Or in caverns deep by explorers bold.
    And now these trees are but a few
    Of oak of maple And of yew
    They bare no fruits for us to reap
    Their secrets weeping willows keep
    But for those few who watch the wind
    As the tree limbs crash and the leaves do spin
    May come some wisdom, small but true
    That the trees may share with me and you.
    We do not seek out moon and stars
    We do not seek out lands afar
    We plant our roots, and there we stand
    And live and breath on emerald lands
    We bask in both the earth and sun
    We do no harm to anyone
    We have a sense of style we do
    Our colours change with passing moods
    We do not fear the rain and snow
    We know these things will come and go.
    All life must end, this we well know
    For beginning the end, means beginnings can grow.
    So what do we learn from the bearers of fruit
    Of our lives and the things we have built to suit.
    That with roots in the earth, and the sun overhead
    Mother Nature will do as mother nature intends
    To nourish, to grow, to live well at ease
    And to always be mindful, of the lessons from trees.

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    I love Tree Poems and have written a few myself. Love this one!


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      Lovely. Really enjoyed it.