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    Past Present

    From the moment that we first met,
    I sensed something from the past.
    A feeling that I knew you once,
    Across a chasm that's so vast.

    When I talked to you it was like,
    we had always known each other.
    To hear the stories of your past,
    I could have been your brother.

    As time went on and our lives changed,
    it was fate brought us together.
    Until one night we were outside,
    in that cold fall weather.

    It was then that I fully realised,
    How past lives intersect,
    The actions of the peoples past,
    and the lives that they effect.

    We knew each other long ago,
    In a place so far away.
    With lives so different from our own,
    In every single way.

    We always found each other late,
    and longed for our days together.
    So worried that we would never see,
    The end of the stormy weather.

    Our story always ended well,
    Together for many a year.
    Thats how we know each other now,
    Its all so very clear.

    History repeats peoples lives,
    and our future is meant to be.
    Patience is the name of the game,
    The art of wait and see.

    To understand why we're so close,
    Its to the past that we must look.
    And our future's set for all time,
    just like the pages in a book.