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A New Beginning

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  • A New Beginning

    I stand at the end - and also at the beginning…
    Watching, as another year merges into the past.
    From us it’s gone, but years never really die –
    They only take their place in history.
    Still, I turn and look back, compelled to say goodbye.
    Goodbye old heartaches and pain,
    Goodbye goals yet unrealized - though by circumstance or fear –
    Goodbye to disappointments,
    Goodbye to what is still seen as failure in me.
    And especially goodbye to all negative feelings held on to.
    I release you…
    and lay you down to rest, and cover you with stone.
    I resolve to remember the lessons of trials,
    but to harbor no ill from their source,
    and to remember and rejoice in the happy moments.
    I resolve to be free from the past.
    So, I turn around to witness the dawn.

    Only a moment more and the New Year is here!
    With its entry, comes a baptism of light,
    a new chance for change,
    for forgiving, and forgiveness.
    Even a new life!
    The Savior laid down his life for this beginning,
    I gratefully accept His offering and with His help,
    I resolve to be brave enough to make the most of it!

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    A new beginning in deed. Well written and intriguing. Thank you!