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    A little red fox came trotting through the thicket,
    When she stopped to hear the thoughts of the wise old cricket.
    “Live in the moment, don’t dwell on your past,
    For you’ve grown and blossomed, so much time has passed.”
    “YaThanks Cricket, your advice is so dear,
    But you’ve been telling me that since August last year.”
    “Words are just words who are words, little fox,
    Its how you interpret them to be arranged outside of the box.”
    “Of course cricket, with your worldly words today I will wander,
    Out of the woods with more than just words here to ponder.”

    The little fox wrinkled her nose and trotted clear out of sight,
    Straight to the pasture where the sun was shining so bright.
    She sprinted and frolicked and danced an amazing fox dance,
    With endless enthusiasm and energy in every spectacular prance.
    “Ahh so tired, so time for a snooze...” she said as she sat,
    Under the shade of an oak tree she shut her eyes, and that was that.

    Well over the hill by the trickling stream was a beautiful blonde hound.
    She was elegant and powerful, strutting her sniffer across the ground.
    Diving her nose into the grass she could smell the warmth from the sun,
    Continuing on her journey of frivolous freedom and fruitful fun.
    She bounded over the stream, ran splashing through the pond,
    She played with colorful sticks by the knoll of which she was fond.
    Until she yawned from fatigue and yearned for a rest,
    Under her favorite oak tree, which was up the hill and a smidgen bit west.

    “ya ya ya, I am Hound…” she sang as she paraded up the trail,
    Only to stop dead in her tracks at the sight of the fox’s bushy tail!
    “Miscreant fox in my special sleeping spot”, huffed the Hound.
    She looked down at the fox, snoring sweetly with barely a sound,
    And thought it was best not to disturb the sprawled out creature,
    For in life, our slumber is the most peaceful rejuvenating feature.
    Too tired to find a new spot was the majestic blonde hound,
    So on the other side of the tree she laid her head on the ground.

    The sun finished its course through the sky as they slept in blissful dream,
    With deeper blues and grays clouding the sunset orange and pinkest gleam.
    Until the last of the sun was gone and there was only the night,
    With three moons as the ruling givers of illuminating light.

    As the glorious dreams of the hound dwindled and began to fade,
    Her mind came slowly to the present yet shut her eyes stayed.
    Then her eyes snapped open and she let out a howling yell,
    For the fox had curled up next to her right during her sleeping spell!

    The fox leapt into life with a squeal and flew straight up the tree,
    While the hound stood in shock, “What were you doing sleeping next to me?!”
    “I was cold when the sun went down…” peeped the fox from above,
    You looked serene in your slumber with hair and heart of golden love.
    So I snuggled up next to you, and felt safe til you fled,
    Please don’t be angry… just be my friend instead.”

    “Well what a strange little fox and how annoyingly sweet,
    The hound thought, and what a peculiar way for two to meet.
    She peered up at the fox, clinging tightly to a branch in the tree,
    And then at the moons in the sky, the silver crescents three.

    “So you like this tree, do you?” the hound let out with a sigh,
    “Its certainly a nice place for a nap under the magnificent sky.”
    “Well yes, why oh YA!” the fox yelped out with joy,
    As she slinked down the trunk with a smile that was gingerly coy.
    “I dreamt I was on the middle moon, reading ravishing treasure maps,
    About to embark on the most monumental journey of wonder, perhaps.”

    “Oh an adventure, a journey you say? The hound stated with couth,
    I dreamt that the moons told me to search beyond the fog to find truth.
    The moons, so distant yet so close as wanderlust bursting with lights,
    They are the three silver linings that behold meaning in our nights.”
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