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Snow Daze by Bobby Del Boy formerly Boe Burke

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  • Snow Daze by Bobby Del Boy formerly Boe Burke

    There's so much to love about
    these snow days,shovels of fun
    in so many ways. We're forced
    to stay home relaxing in a daze,
    build us a snowman and a snow
    tunnel maze.

    The grandchildren slept over, with
    Legos we play, cookies and hot
    chocolate with whipped cream
    did you say? The kids sing and
    dance our own cabaret, work and
    school cares are soooo far away.

    Sit and paint rocks sipping cabernet,
    listening to our favorite band called
    "The Fray". It's great to be home,
    "The Second Cup Café", "can I have
    more coffee?", absolutely, yes you may!

    Mother Nature's given us this beautiful display.
    "Look, on that tree, there's a Cardinal and Blue Jay".
    "Grandma and Grandpa, let's go outside, take the sleigh",
    Snow days are perfection in so many ways.