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  • Don't You Get It?

    Prodigal, prodigal, God's Word is true;
    His love restores broken lives, makes them new.
    Jesus is waiting, He calls tenderly,
    "My precious lost wanderer, come now to Me.
    I love you so much I died in your place;
    I bore sin's dire judgment that you could not face,
    Come to Me, prodigal. You will be blessed.
    I'll take your burdens; I'll give you My rest."

    Prodigal, prodigal, life hurries by;
    days, months, years, decades; then time stops! You die.
    The course of your voyage from earth's sinful realm
    is downward if Jesus is not at the helm.
    It isn't your sins that will drag you below -
    it's your stubborn persistence in not letting go.
    It's rejecting Jesus Who died for your sin.
    It's hard'ning your heart when He whispers, "Come in."

    Prodigal, prodigal, think of the day
    when all your resources are frittered away
    Alone in a famine of waste and regret;
    tormented by mem'ries you cannot forget.
    Remembering home, and your Father's fond care;
    wishing with all of your heart you were there.
    That's what your Father is wishing for, too.
    Turn homeward, dear prodigal, love waits for you.

    Prodigal, prodigal, give God your heart;
    He will give you a new life - a new start.
    You can have vict'ry by His strength alone;
    set Him as Lord and King on your heart's throne.
    He has the power to bring you release
    from all that entangles and robs you of peace.
    He'll never forsake you through all of life's way.
    He's calling you, calling you - oh, come today!