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The world in our hands

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  • The world in our hands

    Understanding the way of life takes more than what everyone thinks
    because if what we know is all there is
    then what will be left to see?
    Soon the world will be filled with schizophrenics
    because we are all gonna live off what we don’t have
    and what can never be.
    What is left?
    What is lost?
    When someone you loved for so long didn’t love you at all
    Do you feel stupid or are you relieved
    that you no longer have to listen to their speech
    and maybe now you can give your own
    or maybe you’ll feel broken and alone
    truthfully and honestly I will never know
    but I know for myself
    when you have something
    and then you realize there is nothing left
    but the memories and all the feelings you use to have
    all the good times and all the laughs
    and some how it all turns bad
    the love that is gone means nothing at all
    but I feel like this is the beginning of all my endings
    people tell me I'm crazy and that they'll love me forever
    but how can you love a person who is lost in fantasy

    Who’s very own will is die or kill themselves
    I know what I am
    but what are you?
    do you care if you win,
    or if you lose?
    are you unable to figure out what it is we really have?
    do you you wish for guidance down a better path?
    are you afraid of the future
    and just want to realize
    that whatever is real is all we will ever have
    people say that maybe all we really need is to UNDERSTAND…
    More than just the good and the bad.
    There are so many people who don’t understand the fact
    that the world is more than just white and black
    but it has color and it has depth
    it is a rainbow in personalities
    and a sun for the future
    we have so much but we can’t see it at all
    there are pretty flowers that bloom on the outside of these walls
    while on the inside we sit and we cry about our lives
    praying to the being who is supposedly in the sky
    watching down on us loving us and in wait
    but I do not see any love not in our today
    there are more than little africans getting sick and dying
    there are indians and whites and animals too
    but the point is that if we fight for so long
    soon we will get tired
    and all of our dreams will fall in hazard
    we will not be able to find our truth love
    Well we will be too lazy to look
    instead we will be in rush hour
    driving through town
    polluting the air and faking a smile
    we will be lost in fantasy
    and those roses I smelt
    they are dead from “sin”
    and the gun that we all have held.
    this is our world
    and its only getting worst

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