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Love Them With Time (We need to give our children our time)

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  • Love Them With Time (We need to give our children our time)

    Sometimes we are so busy as parents doing our thing when our children just want a little bit of our time. You can not love your children with gifts or money the greatest gift you can give is your time. The 2 famous people in the last stanza was hulk Hogan(wrestler) and Dennis Rodman(NBA player) check out his hall of fame speech.

    Love Them With Time

    They take it all in
    Every bit every sin.
    They watch how you act
    Every shout every grin.
    They hear all the times
    You put people down.
    Do you love your wife?
    All they see is her frown.

    Do you lead with actions?
    For words they don't see.
    Are you quick to encourage
    Or give the third degree?
    Do you read the Bible
    And pray with them at night?
    Do you give them a kiss
    And tell them sleep tight?
    When they have a question
    Or anything at all.
    Do you show them your love
    With a toy from the mall?

    God made you the potter
    Now you mold the clay.
    My friend this takes time
    It's not done in one day.
    So much time parents waste
    With life long errands.
    Our children with scars
    We have failed as parents.

    The Greatest way to love
    Is not something you buy.
    No matter how short
    Just love them with time.

    Two famous fathers the
    Same question was asked,
    If you could go back in time
    change a thing from your past?
    They had fortune and fame
    Yet their eyes filled with tears.
    They wish they could have back
    Those father and son years

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    Taking time to interact with your child and being a good listener. It's not so much in what they say it is rather in what context it is being said. Hearing is not listening.
    Scott Peck, in "The Road less travelled" devotes some time to your theme.