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Nothing Left (commits suicide in the end)

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  • Nothing Left (commits suicide in the end)

    Nothing Left

    White walls all around
    prison cell
    looked up, no sound.
    My mind
    lying on the ground.
    A slave to my dreams
    chained and bound.
    Will I live or will I die
    before I'm found?
    Damned and cursed
    for my addiction
    I am crowned.

    Not a king.
    Rot in hell
    never tell
    what's that smell?
    Burning flesh
    sold my soul
    next comes death.
    My prince of darkness
    Sir Crystal Meth

    Too young to die
    and yet I try
    To never lie.
    No more tears
    I hear their cries
    Why! Why! Why!

    Violent screams
    shattered dreams.
    I have no fear
    death so near.
    Now I hear
    The demons cheer.

    Suicide mission is a must!
    Something I crave,
    something I lust.
    No one now
    who do I trust?
    My only friend
    P.C.P. A.K.A.
    Angel Dust

    Now I am free ready to soar
    step out on the ledge
    and close the door.
    No it's not over
    yes there is more.
    I'm a bastard child
    no father,
    my mothers a whore.
    The darkness has fallen
    the light is no more.

    The rage inside me
    adds fuel to my fire.
    It is my life
    this is what I desire.
    So many drugs
    I can't get any higher!
    The voices screaming
    your such a liar!

    I Put the gun in my mouth
    now I am free.
    My brains splattered
    for all to see.
    Finally I'm given
    the golden key
    In hell I smile
    for eternity!