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  • No regrets

    Always stepping forward
    The future coming fast
    But my mind is always drifting
    To my memoirs of the past

    If I did that, instead of this
    Where would I be right now?
    If I went there, or I said this!
    My life would change but how?

    I'd be happier if i had done
    The thing I didn't do
    I'd be a few steps higher up
    If I only saw that through

    To always dwell on what could have been
    Instead of just what is
    Creates a spiral of regret
    To which there is no end

    All things will happen in this life
    Exactly as they should
    What's important is the lessons learned
    Leave the bad and keep the good

    Don't let regret dictate your life
    And decide the things you do
    Don't let Fear keep its hold on you
    So your true self can't come through

    Yes it hurts, yes we've lost
    Yes no one understands
    Yes there seems no other way
    Then to cry into your hands

    Yes we've failed so many times
    We can no longer keep count
    Yes we try to hide ourselves
    Yes we scream and shout

    But we control our inner thoughts
    And we control our now
    To sink then deeper in regret
    Is something we allow

    If we give power to our doubts
    Those doubts will then be real
    Your life will then not be your own
    As fear now holds the wheel

    Rise up above what holds you down
    And shed that heavy weight
    Peel away what you thought were scars
    Step forward to your fate

    Remember all the things you've done
    Remember and don't fret
    Your life will be just love and light
    When you live with no regrets

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      Thank you :-)


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        I like this so much! It spoke to my soul. (is that possible?) Wow!