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A still profound

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  • A still profound

    I feel a calm come over me,
    A peace that's so profound.
    The unbroken waters of my mind,
    There is no outside sound.

    When we bring ourselves to a state of still,
    Our consciousness expands.
    And any question we put forth,
    We begin to understand.

    The answers come from those who know,
    And from our higher selves.
    From angels, Buddhas, spirits and gnomes,
    From dragons and from elves.

    They speak to us, inside our mind,
    Their wisdom they will share.
    With warmth and love they can heal our soul,
    And provide the utmost care.

    We see these things within our mind,
    Their words we strongly hear.
    And as we go about our lives,
    Their presences appear.

    Through animals and birds and beasts,
    Through colours pink and blue.
    Through crystals, stones and statuettes,
    They manifest for you.

    Their forms and things, are ways to show,
    They are indeed quite real.
    And not just things that we've made up,
    Based on how we think and feel.

    So we bring ourselves to centre,
    And find our still profound.
    And through the stillness we will be,
    Blessed with holy sound.