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  • Is this real?

    When I am next to you my heart feels like it is about to explode,
    When I'm kissing you it's like a feelings overload.
    When my hands meet with yours, I feel sparks as they fly,
    The feelings I have for you never will die.
    I am wondering though,
    If I really know,
    What your plan is for us,
    Is your life like a bus,
    And I just one stop?
    Just a drop,
    In a sea of hearts?
    Don't let us part.
    Can I trust you to put on the armor?
    Deflect all the murmurs,
    And keep us together,
    No matter the things that we may have to weather,
    Just decide whether,
    You care about me,
    Just don't leave me alone,
    Here to mourn,
    The loss of a love,
    I hope this love's not a dream,
    As is normal it seems.