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I am the outsider

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  • I am the outsider

    I am like an alien in this culture,
    Like a bacteria in a disease that is fungal,
    I am the outsider,
    In a world of headliners,
    I am the footnote,
    They all promote,
    And they devote,
    Themselves to demote,
    Me to lower than low,
    No lower can I go,
    They will knock me down,
    Till my head hits the floor,
    And I'm breathing no more,
    Then can't help but implore,
    That they are to be worn,
    Around on the head of popularity,
    For prosperity,
    They lack the the solidarity,
    And the mental solidity
    To write a soliloquy,
    Or a single verse,
    But my words become my hearse,
    They will bring me to the end of the universe,
    Keeping me safe as I transverse,
    To immortality,
    How tragic for me,
    When no body will be,
    At the end of the road,
    To welcome me home.