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The fire in a cold heart

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  • The fire in a cold heart

    I'm in love with you,
    my only exception,
    My rule is never fall in love,
    You must have used some deception,
    You've got me head over heels,
    And when your with me I feel,
    Something inside of me lift,
    Something has changed in this rift,
    I call my heart,
    I think your spark,
    Has made a start,
    To the flame inside my heart,
    I'm no longer cold hearted,
    I feel love in me,
    Coursing through my veins to be,
    Part of the thing I see,
    In your eyes,
    A thousand skies,
    And nowhere in my mind are lies,
    Told to upset,
    by all the guys,
    And here I lay,
    With you beside,
    No thought in mind,
    But you tonight,
    So close your eyes,
    And say goodnight