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The Life Of A Junkie (understanding addiction)

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  • The Life Of A Junkie (understanding addiction)

    The Life Of A Junkie

    I finally opened up my eyes
    The room is empty from all the lies.
    No family, no friends it is only me
    And my needle, my fix, The Life Of A Junkie.

    I thought the sixth overdose was my final breath
    My life is hell, and I smile at death.
    Now back on the beat, homeless a slob,
    Forty-two years on the streets and still no job.

    No money in my pockets, no not a dime
    I'm jonesing now, the next fix is my crime.
    The demon so strong he will never let go,
    As I tighten the tourniquet to start the show.

    This is my life the needle and spoon
    I can taste it now like a sweet perfume.
    As my lover slowly crawls in every inch of my vein,
    The rush so great, the scars would explain.
    I have reached euphoria where I bury my pain
    Tomorrow I awake in hell's cruel fire
    The Life Of A Junkie is not much to desire.
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    I love the complete honesty in your poem, and I can feel the pain. Just the fact that you are not in denial is hopeful; You inspired me to post one of my "rock bottom" poems, I'll let you know tonight when it's up, if you'd like to read it. Even though the actions are not the same, the feelings are spot on. *KISS* (Keep It Simple, Silly)


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      Amybabs thanks for taking the time to read it and review it. I would love to read yours as well when its up. I am new here don't really know how it all works. though I never used a needle when going through my addictions but I used every drug out there at one point hate needles and saw a lot of friends od on drugs. I have been sober for a long while now this was when I was feeling pretty low.