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Understanding her pain

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  • Understanding her pain

    You don't understand her pain
    Or the origin of her pain.
    So why do you push and shove?
    Why try to make her eyes rain?
    You don't know her like I do,
    Understand her like I do.
    You just set fire to her soul.
    Then rip her heart into two.
    You just took her innocence,
    And turned it into fear.
    You only broke her spirit,
    You only made her eyes tear.
    Why can't you understand?
    Or at least act like you care?
    Why push her until she breaks?
    Can't you see her pain is rare?
    You're not the only cause.
    Just one more link on her chain.
    At least try to understand,
    Try to not add to the pain.
    She doesn't have a mother.
    She doesn't have a good dad.
    She doesn't have a sweet home.
    Her life's not good it's bad.
    So at least try to understand.
    No mother to come home to.
    No where to call home sweet home.
    No dad that says I love you.
    Do you understand her pain?
    Try to understand her pain.
    Try to imagine her life.
    Will you help to break the chain?