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  • understanding

    i was lost in deep thought
    in the moment i was caught
    myself i have taught
    whats right and wrong are not
    divided they are one in the same
    a matter of perception
    like the way you see the game
    we all fall to deception
    no need to be ashamed
    i am no exception
    my problems can only be blamed
    on myself no misconception
    my faults are my fault
    you alll keep doing the default
    it not you its them
    go home and cry stay awake til the am

    sometimes i believe that
    dark the times positive way to recieve that
    theres no good way to leave that
    i only want the truth
    searching for the fountain of youth
    so i can stay here forever
    fear of comittment i cant be together
    past ties that i severed
    one thing i know is theyll never
    ever take my soul
    i know sometimes it gets cold
    we all just want somebody to hold
    i am a bit to bold
    straight forward i aint dodgin around
    when you that you trip on your lace face first in the ground
    dont ever feel down
    were all kings and queens we all get a crown
    if i ever make it i will never forget my town

    never been good in school
    not for trying to be cool
    not for acting like a tool
    because i could never get it right
    i could never quite grip life
    i could never own the night
    but now i know that theres nothing out of sight
    i wont lie i am high as a kite
    searcjing for the bonnie to go with my clyde
    that will stay strong even through the low tide
    but why
    must we all rely
    on someone else
    especially if that someone tells
    us we cant do it
    cant make it through it
    i got enough on my mimd
    your a waste of my time
    but hat doesnt mean your not still on my mind
    weighing me down like should do this
    am i acting stupid
    i dont believe in love sorry cupid
    im playin myself out and i knew it
    who really cares had a shot blew it
    on to the next one move it
    but screw it
    i no longer want to be your man
    i dont want to make my family
    with you but not because i dont like you cause
    i am in love
    with you and when push comes to shove
    i dont want you to fly away like a dove
    ive finally realized
    through all my cries
    that i will never understand
    why both love and life have to die