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    People fear what they don't understand
    scared of not knowing
    No need to throw in your hand
    you had your cards showing
    One Track mind races
    travel to find places driving a lemon
    imagining how the lime tastes
    I figured time is money, not the case
    Because money come n goes time cannot replace
    Understand that comprehend my conscious state
    I blew some money thinking I don't have the time to waste
    Understood I over sat but I'm over that
    I took advice from older cats
    drunken thoughts were sober facts
    To seek and find where goals were at not no hockey field
    Time to build kindness kills the evil
    Drama fills the people energy as mines was just as equal
    Not as Rights I know my wrongs
    but that's a whole another song I can't recite
    and I don't have the strength to run so I fight
    Prepared for battle but its harder when your shackled
    and quicksand is your gravel
    Understand Me