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  • Clockwork

    Hey Time,
    just this once
    could you do me a favor ?
    maybe take the night off;
    I can explain my disclaimer
    you've just been moving so fast
    & I want back what I came for
    they say you go on without us
    so what the hell do we stay for ?
    it's like every single second
    draws a line by my mouth
    I'm not the type to sit and waste you
    but I've seen the work that you're about
    I'm not saying that I doubt you
    but you're showing me no light
    I sit in the dark surrounded by
    your wisps & ticking every night
    i'm frightened by you, Time
    you give me no guidance
    instead you torture my mind
    & brightly blind me with defiance
    you've tried to take what was mine
    when your minutes started flying
    I wasted a year ignoring that
    & found the opposite of silence
    So i'm begging you tonight
    to hand me only what I came for
    press your pause button, please
    so I can slowly stop the pain
    for just tonight
    it's all I ask
    a favor easily returned
    you give me back my life
    I promise you
    my soul you will have earned