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I Am Not A Poet

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  • I Am Not A Poet

    I Am Not A Poet
    by Chad Wilson

    i am not a poet
    i am a beggar
    lost in a sea of words

    i am not a poet
    i am a mirror
    reflecting an idea

    i am not a poet
    i am a newborn child
    grasping for a milk-filled breast

    words beyond my tongue
    ideas beyond my reach
    i none the less try to be a poet

    Copyright © 2015 Chad Wilson

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    Dude! You are a poet and you don't even know it! Sorry, I had to say it. This is very good and captures how a lot of us feel, myself included. I would suggest taking the time to use proper punctuation as well as capitalization. Why not make it look as good as possible?


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      I second what John said ! The kurlman


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        Thank you for the compliments.

        I prefer writing poetry in lowercase; it is a delusion thing. It makes me feel more comfortable with my writings.
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