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  • Understanding

    Today January 9, 2015 it seems my life is being played
    out like the reels on a movie screen
    this is no fairytale ending or fields of dreams
    I can't pretend I'm saint of arithmetic means
    right now my mind is bursting at the seams
    skeletons of my past wanna scream cancer was
    laying low with this branded form of dormancy

    I'm in shock will my body ever be cancer free
    I'm so afraid once this chemo is pumped into me
    my heart will hurt every time I breathe
    all I want from everyone is
    understanding and acceptability

    friends don't shun me from your life
    come peacefully and hold me tight
    oh please please the word remission
    is so very foreign to me

    Will someone tell these voices to leave my sanity
    while my mind drifts off to the unknown people keep
    saying stay strong hold on hold on I don't wanna believe
    the devil's spirit will be there when this chemo drains me to the bone
    I don't like I don't like this feeling of being alone

    If only we could live twice how much of my soul would be sacrifice
    who is the blame the truth is that I don't want my body to change
    When thoughts wanders through my brain day dreams aren't the same
    I can't stop I can't stop these tears that reigns over me God in
    heaven please send the angel of mercy to guide my destiny
    I wanna breathe life back into me sacred memories will always keep

    As my tears flow evenly
    I don't want these feelings
    of hope to leave

    I wanna believe that there's been a mistake
    skeletons of the past hide quietly and wait
    Are people really really controlled by their fate

    Will someone humor me
    Could this be a fantasy
    To live without agony

    Sometimes the truth is hard to disguise
    I always live to see sunsets and sunrise
    I gotta keep on remembering
    only the strong survives

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    I will survive!!


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      You WILL survive!


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        Thanx .. Anne your comments means a lot;o