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A Sweet Understanding of Science

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  • A Sweet Understanding of Science

    Some people might claim that there’s nothing to science
    That little of value results from it all
    But I’m here to tell you today there’s a study
    Perhaps causing doubters to stumble and fall

    You see, thanks to science, we now know the answer
    To a question that buzzed round our minds like a gnat
    It’s a question of candy, delightful and sticky,
    And whether that sweet stuff will make us all fat

    And guess what? It turns out there’s no correlation
    Between the consumption of candy and size
    Of your waist or your skinfolds or other stuff, namely
    Obesity factors or triglycerides

    Of course, some might question the worth of the study
    Because it just looked at how often they ate
    All their candy, and yet it just didn’t consider
    The quantity of the stuff heaped on their plate

    While others might question the people who did it
    And hint that the truth they’re unwilling to see
    Just because all their funding was given by people
    Whose goal is to grow the whole sweets industry

    And as for the Luddites who question this study
    I’ll tell them, “I think you’ve been touched in the head!
    So shut up and leave me my Snickers and Skittles!
    I’ll stay thin and healthy until I am dead!”

    (based on this abstract: and this summary article:

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    My grandmother would have loved this poem!


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