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    Love Understands

    I speak of the young man,
    the one with the big brown eyes.
    with him is where it all began,
    I see his smile every time I look up at the sky.

    See our story was a short one,
    full of flirtatious moments.
    I once thought maybe in the long run,
    but no- there were too many opponents.

    People think they understand,
    that love is for the hopeful.
    For those with a master plan,
    those who picture the future and feel joyful.

    Unfortunately those people are wrong,
    Forman knows love is like a stain.
    It's for those soldiers who stay strong,
    who fight the battles even when there's nothing to gain.

    But what if there's no fight left in you,
    and you're forced to carry on.
    Searching for a better view,
    one that isn't already gone.

    Would you be disappointed,
    seeing the person that he has become.
    Bet you wouldn't feel that same enjoyment,
    waiting for whatever may come.

    Feeling like he's misunderstood,
    like everyone's a critic.
    But you know he's capable of doing good,
    only you know he's not that horrific.

    Remember the stain I mentioned earlier,
    love is something that never comes off.
    It's when you see pass his failures,
    you take a good look at him and know what he's thinking of.

    Love doesn't care if you're misunderstood or not,
    because it knows there's someone out there for you.
    Even when you're staring and know you got caught,
    there he is- exactly the person you always knew.

    -Yesenia Rodriguez
    -Miami, FL