Held each other up taking cover in storms
Had each other's backs through the bloodiest wars
When my grandpa died you showed me a humble remorse that helped me be my father's rock so as a son he could mourn
When I stumbled or pulled a muscle hustling running this course
You inspired me to dig deep,
I dug to the core
'Cause you are somebody I respect and have come to adore
So when ya speak to me I listen I'd be dumb to ignore
When my faith in humanity is disgusted and torn
You lift me up, somehow fix me up,
Pick me up up off the floor
When im bloody and sore in a scrape
From the universe shutting these doors in my face
You the one that supports through misfortunes, mistakes, simple things like sicknesses
And significant like abortions and wakes
We have an understanding in our hearts in our brains souls
Stand as each other's pillars and were carved from the same stone
We March on the same road
Reach for stars with the same glow
Made our mark in the same zone
Play a part that's the same role
You understand cause you've seen me at my worst my darkest of days known
As we ran in the midnight we charged as the same bull
When I think about all we've
Overcome and endured
All the cuts because life is a double edged sword
When I felt I couldn't struggle no more
You were my crutch and you touched me my love was restored