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  • Alien Expatriate

    Alien Expatriate

    In a world of similarity,
    I am the difference.
    I cannot read their eyes here;
    I am a foreigner.
    I came here for understanding, yet
    in this place
    they try
    to understand me.

    Individuals move close to one another;
    It is esoteric to me.
    I am reminded only of
    Orbits and gravity and dense atmosphere,
    thick with oxygen.

    They have emotions
    in this world
    are fragile, too
    are very much
    the same.

    When she approaches,
    my heart quickens
    a dying sun.

    I came here for understanding, yet
    from her
    all I have learned is
    a man can be coaxed.

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    This is a great idea for a poem and you execute it well. A perfect fit for the contest. Welcome to the forums and I hope to see more of your work.