Colors Bleed

As I gaze into the mirror
A vibrant visage screams to be freed.
I start to see myself much clearer
As I watch my colors bleed.

Now the world looks so abstract
Surrounding me, the absence lay.
All quite contrived, to be exact
Why did the colors fade away?

My footprints stamp the ground in teal
Before they wither into dust.
A monochromatic bestial
Is tarnishing my skin with rust.

My crimson hands have lost their touch
My amber hues have been diluted.
My emerald eyes don’t see that much
I feel my spectrum is polluted.

Then I spot a lavender trail
Like a beacon amidst the void.
It shows me life can still prevail
And not all colors are destroyed.

With my colors all but dead
I found what I’d been searching for.
With much avail, the trail had led
Me to a girl of colors yore.

Her eyes dripped shades of indigo
That swirled with skin of harvest gold.
She exhaled with a pinkish glow
Yet her demeanor felt so cold.

With silver hair, and vacant stare
She poured out in a wistful plea.
My baited breath, became aware
When her plum lips said to me –

“I’ve been wandering for so long
But all I see is gray emptiness.
In this abyss, I don’t belong
I sense you share my loneliness.”

“Ever since my eyes did shine
And tangerine tones began to leak.
I’ve longed to find a soul like mine
But why do your colors look so bleak?”

Her inquiry was much expected.
Although our tales were similar
My colors had been more affected;
So as we bled, I said to her –

"I’m left bereft and tinted gray
I won’t survive in this world much longer.
I’m glad I found you on this day
For you bleed colors so much stronger."

“You’re the one I truly need.
There’s just one thing I ask of thee.
As I watch your colors bleed
Won’t you please bleed into me?”