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  • Shattered Girl

    Shattered Girl

    Brushing her hair, she stares at the moonlight
    Eagerly waiting for her love to call.
    Tells herself everything will be alright
    As she takes refuge inside of it all.

    The nights drift by, the pain she cannot take
    She wears the mask that fools all the rest.
    Breathing nervously her legs start to shake
    Holding the phone up close to her chest.

    Her smiles resemble a wilted rose
    Showing beauty and sadness in one.
    Her parents suspect, her suffering shows
    Fearing that it's only begun.

    Down the hall she discovers the nightmare
    Catches her love with a girl intertwined.
    Clutching the wall, she falls apart right there
    Becoming shattered both body and mind.

    The phone, it rings, and sparks her attention
    She hears the words no girl can mistake.
    He tells her that she lost his affection
    She then pray the lord her soul to take.

    Her eyes they pour like fountains of sorrow
    Mascara runs down the slopes of her cheeks.
    No will tonight, no dawn for tomorrow
    Frigidly trembling on tear stained bed sheets.

    She searches for the means to an end
    She finds the bottle, her only release.
    Swallows the pills she sees as her friends
    Hoping that they will bring her peace.

    She wishes there was some other way
    She whispers "how did it come to this?"
    "This is my only way out" it will say
    No longer trembling, she lies motionless.
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    Do not end your life in sorrow and strife.