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America Isn't #1

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  • retkonpoet
    THIS. Great job.

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  • Miranda Cochrane
    started a topic America Isn't #1

    America Isn't #1

    Why does this country’s population seem to only hate?
    We preach equality and acceptance,
    But can only give blood to the sick or wounded if you’re straight.

    When did “love” become a hollow word with no meaning?
    We say we love everyone, but the poor are on their hands and feet begging,
    While the rich are sitting there with their noses up and their ignorance gleaming.

    We've all made mistakes, we all have junk in our past.
    We all want something bigger, and no one is ever satisfied.
    And, in all honesty, in this game of life, not one of us will last.

    That’s five things every one of us has in common,
    That’s five reasons why we aren’t so different from each other.
    And I can give you one more reason to accept and love before we are all gone.

    When it comes down to it, we are just waiting in line for inevitable death.
    Whether you’re rich or poor, gay or straight, democratic or republican,
    Eventually, we will all have looked death in the eye and screamed “Not yet!”

    So, put down your ignorance,
    And put down your hate,
    And let’s create a world that stands a chance.