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  • Street Walker

    Street Walker

    The night looms listlessly over streets of gray
    While shopkeepers lock up and retire.
    Yet one girl is left to wander astray
    With a lecherous service that men desire.

    Leaning, leaning, always leaning
    Against brick walls and street lights gleaming.
    Amidst pale moon and shining stars
    She reluctantly enters pitch black cars.

    She tries to warm up her frigid bones
    After nights of sleeping in bathroom stalls.
    Then takes on a customer’s incessant moans
    Being smacked to the floor, once more she crawls.

    Searching, searching, always searching
    For a desperate soul that’s lurching
    Towards her in a lonely fashion
    With gentle eyes that show compassion.

    Midnight arrives, and the city blinks twice
    To adjust its eyes, and show its true face.
    She waits at the bus stop, ready to entice
    But none wish to pay for her sinful embrace.

    Fearing, fearing, always fearing
    That her spirit’s disappearing
    Nobody really see’s her there
    Nobody has a heart to spare.

    No money to feed her draining starvation
    She succumbs to eat from trash cans.
    Left with no pride to quell the temptation
    It won’t stop the shaking of her hands.

    Kneeling, kneeling, always kneeling
    For many men so unappealing
    Feeling ever so degrading
    She takes her leave when light starts fading.

    She pierces her arm with a small syringe
    Then clutches her chest, and breathes in deep.
    Her eyes roll back, along with a twinge
    That makes her calmly fall asleep.

    Dreaming, dreaming, always dreaming
    Of a life that’s filled with meaning.
    Remembering her days as a child
    Back then the world seemed so mild.

    Then a hooded man grabs her from the back-
    Alley, pinning her face down onto cement.
    She fights for her life against his attack
    But finds her strength is all but spent.

    Crying, crying, always crying
    At times like these, she feels like dying.
    Her will to live is quite diminished
    Yet her suffering is far from finished.

    He lifts her skirt up with such haste
    She feels his force bore into her.
    Against her neck, a knife is placed
    She cries in such a painful slur.

    She’s left there twitching on the ground
    With stockings torn, and blood stained thighs.
    To which there’s no one to be found
    A dreadful expression fills her eyes.

    So on and so forth, brings another dark day
    Will she always live this way?

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    I wanted to bring awareness to this life that many women choose. It's not for the faint of heart.


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      I like this quite a lot
      It's a bit PG-13 material, but the poem is emotional nonetheless.


      • #4
        Wow, very powerful. Well done.


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          this is amazing wow


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            You did a great job. The kurlman


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              That's really strong and melancholy. I never saw anyone write this hard. Amazing and powerful.